Flock – Nice to meet you

March 29, 2006

Flock, a "social browser", hit the scene late in 2005 I believe. I installed it as soon as the first developer preview was released, and although it felt nice – I didn’t think I needed all the features at the time. So uninstallation began.

But now, after having a flickr account, after having a few blogs, after being interested in social bookmarking, I have changed my mind quite to the opposite that it was a few months ago.

I find the flickr integration perfect for my needs. I find the blogging integration perfect for my needs. (I have yet to try the social bookmarking side of things – but that’s what I’ll be doing after this post!

The point I’m trying to make is that I know alot of people think and say "Why not just build extensions for Firefox", and even "Flock are just out to make a quick buck – corporate greed". But I would tend to disagree with these assumptions.

Firstly, extensions for FF would be nice. BUT – In my personal experience, extensions can bloat the memory used by FF to a considerable degree. Also, what happens when there’s a new version of Firefox out? Yup… you guessed it… alot of extensions break. With flock, it’s integrated, so no breakages when updating. No waiting for a new release of the extension. And, also, no hunting for the extensions in the first place.

Re: Corporate Greed. As a business man myself, I can tell you every business minded person that see’s an opportunity, feels compelled to plan, and impliment a strategy to take advantage of that opportunity. In my opinion, the flock team saw an opportunity and took a-hold of it. And good for them.

On the practical side of things, the colouring and interface that the flock guys came up with is pretty damned sweet! 🙂

Just my 2 cents (or sense) (or…penny, seeing as I’m from England :/)

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